• Top class welding engineers supervise the welding processes at I.M.C. Engineering Poland Sp. z o.o.

    Top class welding engineers supervise the welding processes at I.M.C. Engineering Poland Sp. z o.o.

Our facility is equipped with welding machinery up to 450A and a range of positioners for putting the welded piece in the most favourable position. I.M.C. also has a Fanuc M16iB welding robot with R30iA controller and two turntables with a load capacity of 3 tons, used in the production processes. These tables have axes integrated with a robot, which greatly increases the welding capacity and range of various elements. All our welders have qualifications according to EN 287 and operators according to EN 1418.


We currently employ more than 60 welders and more than 50 fitters. They have the basic and extended welding qualifications.


I.M.C.’s inventory includes over 55 welding machines, such as:

  • Fronius TPS400i

    100 kHz inverter welder for MIG/MAG, TIG and coated electrode welding within the range of 3-400 A. An advantage of the new generation of Transpulssynergic is their capacity to program the required height of fillet weld. The welding machine automatically selects all the remaining process parameters.


    Welding machine which allows the following modes of operation: MIG/MAG, MIG/MAG-impulse, WIG, MMA, EWM-forceArc, EWM-rootArc. Due to their immense capabilities and perfect repeatability of welding parameters, these devices are successfully used in many different industry sectors.

  • Fanuc M16iB20 Industry Robot

    The 6-axis Fanuc M16iB20 industry robot is distinguished by its modular design. Robots of this series can be operated at high speed and high accuracy. This is why they are often found in rapid welding and rapid cutting workstations. Their high accuracy and efficiency allow them to maintain proper quality of the tasks they perform. These robots also have sealed bearings, which translates to high reliability. Cables are routed through their axes of rotation, which also prevents wiring damage.

  • Submerged Arc Welding Machine

    The A2 Multitrac machine equipped with a feeder ensures an even and stable welding wire feeding. Its four-wheel drive provide a high level of driving speed stability. Its control panel with a digital display allows precise programming and control of the welding process. The Multitrac machine is a fully mobile solution; it can be easily moved from one specialised workstation to another. It can also be quickly re-configured with regard to various welded workpieces.

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