Painted Surface Inspection

While controlling painted surfaces, we use the following equipment, and more:


    A mobile measuring device with external replaceable probe. Due to its wide range of replaceable probes, it can be used for both universal and very specific types of measurements. Its measuring sensors, which rank as the smallest in the world, also guarantee high measurement accuracy even in the case of the most geometrically difficult shapes.

  • DEWCHECK 4 DC7100

    A very versatile device for measuring and recording the climate parameters during painting. This easy to use and durable device measures air temperature, surface temperature, air humidity and dew point, and calculates the difference between the surface temperature and the dew point, indicating the optimum climatic conditions for painting.


    A mobile device for measuring the gloss of any flat surface. The tester has the capacity for conducting measurements with the angle of 60°.

  • TQC VF1999

    A funnel for measuring the viscosity of paints, varnishes and other fluids. It has a very accurate stainless steel nozzle. This device can be used for taking measurements with laboratory level provision.


    A device for comparing steel surface roughness with the requirements of ISO 8503 Part 1, made of high quality steel. It can be used for comparing the steel surface quality after blasting according to ISO 8503 in the fine, medium and thick class. It can be used according to the method: ASTM D4417, ISO 8503-1 A, ISO 8501-2.


    This kit can be used for measuring the quantity and size of dust particles on a surface prepared for coating in accordance with ISO 8502-3. It allows the adhesion of the coated surface to be increased, which in turn translates into better quality of surface finish. The kit can be used as per the recommendations of EN ISO 8502-3.

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